"Cutting Ties" Full-Length CD

Image of "Cutting Ties" Full-Length CD


We Were Pirates' debut full-length record. 10 songs.

1. Keep Talking
2. Settle Down
3. The Three of Us
4. Little Monsters
5. Restless
6. Long Year
7. Rich Girl
8. Cutting Ties
9. Stars
10. Don't Forget

"Boggs' debut LP, Cutting Ties, features the same saccharine songwriting that made 2007's The Wolf EP a local hit, but Boggs hasn't wasted the last two years repeating himself. With Cutting Ties, he elevates his once annoyingly precious sound to an appealingly mellow—and occasionally bittersweet—pop-rock."

-The Onion's city guide: Decider DC

"We Were Pirates is Mike Boggs, a DC native who has moved from awkward indie pop into the realm of power pop. It's an improvement."

- The Glorious Hum